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Risky Business TV Studio – What to make?

We all pitched ideas on what kind of things we wanted to produce. I pitched an idea of a young children’s tv show where everyday dangers can pose a risk to them. Things such as playing with sharp knives and crossing the street without looking. This proved rather popular compared to the other ideas and became a shortlist of three, with the other two being risky jobs and peoples obsessions with taking risks.

I then thought as the production will be 10 minutes long what can be put into it.

I love the idea of having a song in it. The song can be about risks and dangers and has many possibilities. This is a children’s TV studio multi camera production. And shows various angles and ideas that could be used in ours. Obviously what its about will change. But it’s something that children will easily recognise and be more likely to understand.



I’m not too sure the presenters will be up for it. But I like it and it might just be my call ha.

Safety is also a big thing associated with risks. Like I said earlier about crossing the street earlier. With us sadly not able to do our own VT’s we will then have to use found footage for the VT. Adverts like this help little kids with their safety to minimise risks and again has a jingle which help kids remember.



A third thing that could be involved is making things. Making things is what many kids TV shows are all about. Blue Peter have made them infamous over the years and there are many things that viewers can make at home. I don’t think ant are more infamous than Tracy Island.



Making something will be very hard to do as you will probably have about 2 minutes in which to make something risk related. It also shows the effectiveness of multi camera production as every camera is in use.

I think this video just sums up risks and health and safety. Number 8 just has to be my favourite.

Since I’ve put a load of videos in this blog post here is one more for your viewing pleasure.


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