All about my University work

Death’s Portal – Reflexion

We originally had three different scripts but decided to go with my script called Death’s Portal. The script was about a man who finds a mysterious portal and stumbles across the Grim Reaper and he becomes petrified of  what may happen.

The idea of the film was to leave more questions than answers as I wanted to do something different. I wanted to go away from what would be expected of the premise of option A which was: There is a hammering on a door, it opens to reveal a dishevelled breathless person, why? How did they get this way… Like I said before the script never defines from which aspect the script should be on and the script shows the aspect of the Grim Reaper, even though its not apparent from the start. I felt the film as a whole was edited in such away that it got exactly what was intended and left the viewers almost as puzzled as the man in the film. However as it leaves so many questions it takes away some of the enjoyment of the film. A nice simple film which doesn’t leave any answers may be better as it could relate more and give the audience a better feeling.

Whilst editing there were quite a few problems with the over and underexposure because of the constant change of eye line. The change was the directors choice and worked well to an extent. In the edit there was constant fuss over trying to get the exposure similar throughout. It then came apparent that there would be too many issues regarding exposure so contrast was used a lot. However after initial tweaking I found that it worked quite well to put in the entirety of the showdown with Death. There was a standard tweak to the brightness and the contrast and when the lighting became a problem tweaks were made to try and correct it and keep the levels appearing similar. The underexposure also works well as it shows that it is a figuratively dark place and shows visually which gave the film added meaning and context.

Overall I don’t think it was the best work that I’ve done but I certainly wouldn’t put it as the worse. I wanted to do something that I’ve not done before. I wanted a dark and mysterious short film which I think I did well. If i’m being critical the script could of perhaps of been longer and give a different ending. One where another person stumbles across the portal and gets drawn in. The showdown itself was long enough but it perhaps lacked depth and involvement in one of the characters. By using Death in the film it almost instantaneously gave the audience an idea of what was happening as people have an idea of how Death will act especially if the viewers thought it would be Death in the traditional sense. The music also added to peoples assumption of how Death would be and I felt that that worked rather well.

I really enjoyed the whole project and would be something that I will continue in the future and not just at university. Editing especially is something that has really grown on me and perhaps wasn’t my first idea of what I wanted to do in the media world. But defiantly over the last two years it has almost become my favourite part of visual media. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than putting together a nice tight edit that you feel is perfect and viewers can enjoy. I sadly don’t think I reached that on here but I am defiantly on my way to getting there and plan on editing alot more in order to get the perfect outcome.


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