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Death’s Portal – About the Script

I chose to do a script like this as it was a genre in which I have not done before. I also knew when writing the script that editing would be vital. With a very basic story with not alot going on it would be up to the editor to make it have good continuity. Therefore I made this script purely for the editing. The script itself has no dialog so could be edited in any which way you wanted. It could be doe as either a linear story or non-linear or even change the story and make it different.

The script is a very short script, only just about a page. People would say that it would only be about a minute long, however I felt it could easily fill two minutes is not three. The script is purely about what’s on the screen and whats happening. As it’s a rather eerie genre, I felt it would be best to drag out each scene as it helps build up suspense as many horrors do, that’s why I think just a page of script was more than enough for this short film.

I wanted to pick a cobbled street as cobbled streets are generally associated with the past such as medieval times. This would also help set the tone of the film. Medieval times were often dark and horrific and so would be the basis of where the script was set. I wanted to keep it medieval and gothic through out and the script shows that quite well.


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