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Facts and figures (Assess)

Facts and figures is what everything is about. I use stats everyday and pride myself on knowing stats on both things about me and other things. without stats we wouldn’t have anything. Data can be interpreted any which way you want. You can do it in a pie chart or you could do it as video. Data is a fact and all you need is those statistics and you can create anything you want in any which way you want. Stan’s Cafe theatre represented the population as grains of rice where as others would just represent people as figures written down. The way you  represent something can prove to be very powerful if done in a particular way and the more original it is the more people will talk about it and the more popular it will become. This works for anything and everything.

With the A-B project I did which was done on Prezi. I found out you can tell a story in so many different ways. I used visuals with video and pictures as well as writing. I found that if you interpret the one thing the same in its entirety then people are more likely to use interest. I had to be careful to get just the right amount of everything in and put it in the right places. Having writing throughout something like prezi may bore you so by complimenting it with visuals it helps keep the viewer hooked. You wouldn’t also just expect visuals throughout the piece as it may get confusing and the viewers may not know the story or the meaning of the media.

Overall this module has opened my eyes to the media world and you need things to get us hooked. If you’re not hooked early on then you generally ignore it but also you have to keep them hooked throughout your media so by using hybrid media you can do that. The possibilities of hybridity are almost endless so being original in one form or another can easily be achieved and thats what you want to keep the viewers and consumers.


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