All about my University work

Repackaged artefacts.

Click View larger map for better story telling.

I used this google map with my repackaging. I used items from my documentary, radio play and my poetic eyes.

I used Camtasia which records everything that goes on screen and with that I produced a version of google map street view to show the journey that was taken

By using google map street view I recorded the journey just be moving    forward with the arrow keys. I then increased the speed between 4500% and 5000% to speed things along this I felt would help engage the viewers more.

The story was a very simple one in which a man runs away to flee from the zombies with the safe haven being New York.

I used 3 artefacts that I have previously made and put them into the story.

I personally don’t think the story and the repackaging is that great but I do feel comfortable when using Google Maps and by using various icons paths following both roads and direct lines it shows I am capable of using it. The little videos imported as well shows how adept I am to using this software. Perhaps a stronger story with some better telling videos would help improve it and perhaps I may attempt another go in order to improve my story telling skills.

Screen shot of making it


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