All about my University work

Reflexion (Assess).

Over the course of this Module I have learnt many new skills. Simply put I have learnt how to use Prezi and Google Maps to a decent standard and I am now comfortable using these when called upon.
From the very first week when I read about Lev Manovich and his hybrid forms and understanding hybrid media you could see that we are living in an ever changing media world where producers are coming up with both new ideas and being innovators by taking existing things and putting them together to make one new thing.

The Antoine Dodson video showed how you can take an existing artefact and create something new and entertaining but mixing forms of media. This went viral and it showed that by exploiting certain things such as his stereotypical attitude and speech is what people thrive on and enjoy to watch.

You only have to do a few simple things to get a video to go viral but getting it done is easier said than done. A very simple one is to take something that has already gone viral and repackage it into something new and perhaps more funny than the original and it shouldn’t be too long if distributed in the right way to go viral and be popular. With other things such as logos and slogans you need something that as soon as you see you recognise. The big MacDonalds sign you see on the motorway or a Nike tick you see when athletes go for gold. Simple and bold. Logos have become so recognisable now that even changing the slightest thing such as font or colour can leave you questioning the validity of the product.

I dont think you can underestimate the value of being original. The more original something is the more you want to look at it. Originality also means nothing if the product itself is rubbish. You have to think why this idea hasn’t been come up with before and if you think its good and it is original then it probably is. One of the most acclaimed pieces of work I ever did was a few years ago when I made a short stop motion animation about a snail. It literally took me two seconds to come up with the idea and it shows a story and quirkiness which people enjoy watching.

Obviously it’s not gone viral. Perhaps because it is so short or simply because I’ve never attempted to distribute it. However I feel things like that are what people want to watch and enjoy watching. This module has taught me how to distribute the artefact and if I took the right steps I don’t feel any reason why it can’t become popular.

This module has helped me understand distribution a lot better. I have found how use other software which can help spread the word on certain things. Within the media world there is huge competition to get seen and get noticed and this module helped explain that. These things could easily be used in the future of my media career. Should I have to help spread the word for things like advertising I would feel more comfortable and extinguished in doing so. The ever changing world also shows that over the next few years getting noticed will become harder and harder so by mashing things up and redistributing that way or trying to spread the word in other ways seems to be only course of action in the future.


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