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My Banner

You can probably see my banner at the top of the blog but here it is again anyway.

My banner

I thought I would do a nice simple banner which would  show my interests as well as being bold. The arch across the banner is the Wembley Stadium arch. I made it the go all the way across the image because it helps highlight my love for football. Wembley is England’s national stadium and one of the most famous stadia in the world and it emphasises how proud I am that I’m English and how proud we are to have such a great stadium.

I also chose the image to be dark to appear at night and I did this because I felt it was more aesthetically pleasing and also shows my interest in the night sky. The stars themselves were just added myself and the image of the Earth in the corner is quite paradoxical which I quite like as the Earth can’t be in the night sky if you’re looking at Earth from Earth. It make you ask a few questions which make no sense which I feel help the banner.

You may also notice a blue tint around the edge of the banner. This was added to give the banner more definition and appear that a light is being shone from all sides to make it appear more noticable. I think it works quiet well as it doesnt ditract you from the rest of the banner.

The only other thing on there is my name. That’s there just to help the readers know who’s blog they are reading. It’s a bright colour so it’s easily readable and the spray paint effect helps bring the name out further and makes it the first thing you see when you look at the banner.


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