All about my University work

Understanding Hybrid Media.

Lev Manovich’s theses. talks about the changing in world in media and how new things are now coming about. By simply putting to existing things together you come up with something almost completely new. Special effects in the early days of cinema just didn’t exist purely because there wasn’t the technology in which to do so. New things such as 3D computer animation has pushed the boat further out and how this once new and exciting invention has now become almost the norm.

I feel Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) is a classic example of how two different forms of visual media can be put together. it mixes both cel animation with live action. Over 300 animators were used in producing that film, which is about the same amount that would be used in an entirely cel animated feature film. Cel animation is added to the live action scenes to produce a single blended picture and shows how the hybridity of the film is produced.

A hybrid of cel animation and live action.

Simple advancements in technology have helped shape hybrid media. New software has allowed producers to produce new things for people to watch and enjoy. Everyday software such as Abode’s After Effects and Photoshop has allowed us to make the mixes. ¬†Hybridity can exist in any form you wish. Visual and audio media are to name a couple but there is a huge variable of hybridity out there. We have grown up with hybrid media and are all part of the remix culture.


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