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Death’s Portal – How an idea came to be.

I wanted to make a short film that had a very gothic tone to it. I didn’t want it to have any answers and want the audience to think about what happened and try and decipher it for themselves.

Having been told that the story must involve a door, I  didn’t want to use a door as such as I’m sure everyone else who did this project would. I then decided to use the thesaurus on the word door and saw the word ‘portal.’ This then lead to a wider range of stories that could be used. When thinking of a portal you think of something perhaps supernatural or magical.

With the gothic theme all that can be thought of with a standard door is like church door, but with a portal you can be anywhere and can go anywhere. With gothic you also think of death and destruction along with gothic architecture.

I also love Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991) and how death works as a great character. The Grim Reaper can be used on so many levels but the one I want is to make him as scary as possible as just being face to face to Death would be horrifying enough.

The Idea:

A man walks down the street by himself and stumbles upon an almost invisible wall.. He checks it out by trying to figure it out and hammers on it  but remains confused and starts to become scared and starts breathing heavily. Whilst checking it out it engulfs him. He is then sent to a realm and has a face-off with death himself The Grim Reaper. He then comes increasingly scared and fears for his life.

The script to be based on one of the two premises below:

A: There is a hammering on a door, it opens to reveal a dishevelled breathless person, why? How did they get this way…

B: There is a hammering on a door, why? Dare the door be opened? If so what is revealed….

I decided to go with option A. You may think that my idea has nothing to do with premise A. But the script never defines from which aspect the script should be on. My idea shows the aspect of the Grim Reaper.

If you have a look at premise A again you can see how it fits.

A: There is a hammering on a door, it opens to reveal a dishevelled breathless person, why? How did they get this way…

There is someone banging on his portal. After wondering what it is he lets that person in. That person is dishevelled and breathless as he has just come face to face with death. How they got that way? Simply because he’s scared for his life.


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