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72 Hour Challenge Reflexion

After being given only 72hours to have to go from concept to production I felt that the university lip dub was quite satisfactory. I personally felt that it could have been a lot more fluent and perhaps been better with both the sound and picture quality. The task was also a good bonding exercise as I really didn’t know most of the E group by name or how they worked. I did really enjoy that aspect of it and felt that I gave myself a bigger and better reputation as a result of this challenge.

Our initial ideas in Group E3 were not that great because it had to be one take which we did not take into consideration, so fortunately the other groups came up with credible ideas. The organisation was I felt pretty good, Only on one occasion that all the group reps didn’t meet up together and we were informed before hand that they couldn’t make it. The group reps worked well together culminating everyones ideas and helping the production run smoothly.

I always felt that Group E3 always had the potential to do well but I don’t think we worked together as well as we could have with only all of us meeting up just twice, once at the beginning and once at the end. However despite that it was the best we have worked together since our inception. I took it upon myself to be the group rep as I sadly didn’t trust some of the group to do it and their input would be far from 100%. I also wanted to be the rep as it would give me more control and knowledge of what went on rather than hearing it from somebody else.

My personal work rate was at a good level, as soon as we had our idea I did what I could to get our Group (E3) together and communicating with one another. I managed to set the group tasks and keep them busy to try and make this a group task rather than an individual one for me. I made myself constantly available and worked primarily in the Ellen Terry building to maximise my efficiency and be available to other E groups and help them where needed and discuss ideas. I booked out the camera and was nominated to be the cameraman. Perhaps I could have worked harder on the directional aspect as I was never to sure with the direction but did talk with the other groups to ask how they wanted it to be shot.

Me (Dicken Richards) at University Lip Dub shoot. Photo by Kartik Ralhan

The last minute changes were not ideal. I took it upon myself to try and sort it out and had help from the group reps to re-arange the route and rooms. This lead to things being changed and we worked well to rectify the situation, which I felt went rather well and by the time of the shoot everything was sorted and appeared like we never had problems at all.

After everything considered it went well. I was a little disappointed with the fluidity of the video. It could have run smoother and give it more ebb and flow. Also I felt my camera work in places could also have been better. I had to change the aperture throughout as different rooms had different lighting. This especially was a problem with the James Bond scene as we had the effect of looking down the barrel of a gun. As soon as it came down it blocked the light coming in and had to change it from the time it took me to turn around which proved difficult as I was also helping with card and the direction.


One response

  1. Jonathan

    Hi Dicken, you have the makings of a good blog, you’re clearly putting the time in, so well done. The most interesting bits are your reflections, the descriptive stuff helps give context but your analysis is the stuff really worth capturing.

    How about you shoot another one this weekend with the people around you, think how you could step it up a gear.

    Missed your input today, all ok?

    November 19, 2010 at 2:59 pm

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