All about my University work

72 Hour Challenge

Our Challenge: University Lip Dub

Needs to be: One Take

Include lip dubbing

Time in Which to Complete: 72 Hours


This blog will show how both I and our Group managed to go from spark to creation in just 72 hours. We were given a task in which we need to produce our very own University Lip Dub ( with our group (Group E). Each group also has sub-groups (1,2,3,4 and 5) and I was in group E3.

After  being given our task we met up in our small groups and started discussing ideas. This quickly came into an almost futile attempt in which to come up with ideas. I decided to split from the group for one hour and go and look for inspiration. After an hour or so I came back with several ideas and was disappointed to come back to just two ideas between the other five people in the group. The best Idea that we came up with that was in the limits of what we could do was just simple choreography to an opera track which was not yet picked. The idea had lots of holes in it and we came up with other ideas but due to the restraints of only being one take and copyright laws they were quickly disregarded. One person from our group was made the group rep and would therefore go forward with other group reps from the big E Group. That person was me.

Group Reps:

Helena Borthwick

Aaron Cawrey

Kieran Vauls

Tom Barne

Dicken Richards

The rest of the group reps then met up and we put ideas across. My ideas was quickly binned as I knew it would be and sadly relied on other peoples ideas in which to move forward. One idea that came across was the idea of using famous movie quotes. Our group had half put this idea across and was thrown out because of the copyright laws. We however started looking at possibilities around the laws and decided that other people can rein-act the voices and wouldn’t be against any copyright laws. We landed on this idea along with part of another group’s idea of moving from one room to another to help the story flow.

"What're you rebelling against, Johhny?" "Whaddya got?"

After our group meeting was finished I contacted the rest of the group and told them the idea in which we are going to do. I then met up with other people from the big group and we then started to come up with a plan of how it was going to be done. This proved to be rather hard with about 15 people in one room all shouting out ideas. We came up with many movie quotes and each small group decided to rein-act one of those scenes. We decided that each small group would act out two scenes, with one being short to act as almost a transition. The meeting was quite sporadic and didn’t have much structure so we therefore decided that the group reps should relay all that has been said to the rest of the group reps in order to halt confusion and to boost efficiency .

I then told the rest of my group what was going on and decided to get them all to come up with a movie quote or two and from them we can decide on what we will put forward and do and would meet in the morning.


We (Group E3) decided to meet up at 11am to discuss our ideas, unfortunately only two other people turned up. We decided then to scrap whatever quotes and ideas that the other three people had and go with what we had in front of us. The quote from Jerry Maguire (1996), “Show me the money!” was an almost immediate yes as everyone seems to know that quote. It’s quick, quite funny and would easily be used as the transition shot. The other quote we decided would be the one from Dirty Harry (1971), “Do I feel lucky? Well do you punk?” This would be our main re-inactment as it requires a whole paragraph and would last approx. 20 seconds.

Dirty Harry (1971)

"Show me the money!" Jerry Maguire (1996)

I then met up with the group reps at 12 to tell them what we have come up with along with their ideas and quotes. We then decided where it would be shot and we chose the ground floor of the Ellen Terry building as we spent most our time in there and it was inside so less people would disagree with the decision. We then put down a plan of who’s going where and in what order that it would be done in. We then decided that it would be shot on the thursday at 6pm (55 hours into the project) as it would be quieter then and everyone would be available. By choosing this time we then need to contact the key master of the building in order to make sure that every room that we have picked would be available. We managed to get hold of the number and had a group rep get it sorted. We also decided that since we are doing movie quotes we would need a clapper board to help set the scene of what the idea was at the beginning of the video. I took it upon myself to be the cameraman as no-one else volunteered but also because we wanted it to be one of the group reps as we had a fuller idea of what was going on. I managed to book the equipment with very little hassle so the only thing left was to make sure we had the rooms that we wanted open and I wanted the scene to have a music in the background to help make it flow, but at this time we hadn’t decided on a soundtrack

After the meeting I managed to get another meeting together to tell them what we have decided and to start our own rehearsals. This time 3 people turned up and only 2 were missing. We then designated each person with a role of either performing or doing a voice over. We then decided on props and clothing in which we needed a pistol, a mobile phone and to people in shirt n ties. This went rather well and the people who did not turn up we designated other roles. With one being the bank robber and one using the clapperboard.


Day three started with myself doing a risk assessment sheet on where our production was going to be, on the rooms and the corridors. After completion of that I stayed in the Ellen Terry building where I saw some people from our big group and asked them how they think the production was going. I was met with positive remarks however I personally had my doubts in which I was working to rectify . I then met up with my small group in which three other people turned up and we were two people short. We decided to record the quotes and do a few rehearsals with the people that we had. These went rather smoothly which I was pleased with. I then had another meeting at 12 but just before that I met up with one of the group members that didn’t turn up earlier and gave him the lowdown of what was going on and his role in the whole thing. I then got all the equipment needed such as the camera and the clapper board.

During our group reps meeting I found out that one of the group reps was not there and would not be available until 6pm. I then found out that the rooms were not booked so I took it upon myself to try and get the rooms on such short notice. I then had problem booking the rooms and could only manage the lecture theatre (ETG34). I then managed to get a few smaller rooms available such as the kitchen. This then made us have to rethink the route in which would be shot and who’s re-inactments would go in each order. We then plotted the new route and positions which I personally thought would give it a bit more ebb and flow and would make it more aesthetically pleasing.

I then took a break and came back to the Ellen terry building around 4:30pm (90 mins before full rehearsals start). This was to make sure that everything was going to plan and that everyone was pretty much ready and would be available by 6pm. People then started to arrive from around 5:30pm  and everything seemed to be coming together. The lecture theatre was booked from 6pm onwards and with 6 o’clock approaching the room was still shut and started raising a few eyebrows. For what was the first time since we were given this project everybody from E3 was all together and all knew what they were doing. At just after 6 we were setting up just well and the lecture theatre was then made available to us. I personally was relieved as I was the one that booked it out and the onus was on me to deliver. Everybody knew where they were meant to be and at what point they were meant to be performing. We had a couple of dry run throughs, in which there were mistakes but that was to be expected. After several attempts we were ready for a real take. I was the camera man which also kind of made me the director although there was quite a bit of help provided which I was pleased with. We managed to get a good take with a full run through however I wasn’t entirely happy about it and wanted to do it again much to the dismay of the rest of the group. After I second time I felt that I made a mistake and wanted to do it a third time to get it better but I was quickly shunned and that was going to be the take that we submitted. The video was then uploaded with no editing and submitted a full 12 hours before the deadline.


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