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Grand Theft Auto



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The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game series has been around since 1997 and has since released 15 versions of the game across many formats. The game is riddled with violence and controversy which is no surprise that both PEGI and the BBFC has rated the game as 18 in the UK. The certification that it has been given is to help protect the young and vulnerable. The certification shows that it can contain very strong language, sex and drug use aswell as strong violence. These certificates are only rated as the BBFC sees fit and rarely see what the public make of the certificates by surveys etc. This leaves a lot of options open i.e. mental health is not taken into consideration.

The GTA franchise does contain many mature themes which if put in the wrong hands could influence people in an anti-social manner. People are influenced by the things that they see, especially young children. A vulnerable audience is likely to duplicate what they see and all these feature in the game:

  • Violence
  • Drugs
  • Sex

The Negative effect that these could have on a vulnerable audience in its extreme can lead to crime. The accepted gameplay is to go around killing innocent people and getting away with it. People could easily see this as the norm and go out committing murders themselves with little or no motive.

Drugs also feature in the game and some of the missions on the game is to deliver drugs to people. It even has the character taking drugs and you can easily go around driving whilst on drugs aswell as drunk. It seems to be part of the characters everyday life and the way that he has success in life could leave people to want to copy in order to be successful.

Anti-social behaviour could easily rise if a vulnerable audience played this, breaking into cars, muggings and prostitution could easily be the message that is perceived and could in theory really cause disorder to the public and society.


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