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Creating A Narrative

Writer’s can often experience writer’s block. No matter what they do they can’t seem to come up with a narrative or something to help move the story along. There are however some cures available, one of which is looking at photographs and pictures and making up your own assumptions in order to create a story.

What do you see in this picture?


Pictures can tell a thousand words and in this picture we saw a vulnerable looking lady. We decided that this lady is looking vulnerable because she got raped. She looks all alone with nobody to help her. This was a basis for our story. We then cut out other pictures and arranged them into some sort of order. With two or more pictures side by side you can’t help but make connections between the pictures. Each Picture had it’s own meaning and with each picture we created a story to go around the rape scene.

The story that was created was that a guy and a girl are together and have good times until she catches him with another woman. In a rage she kills her and then flees. She then meets a man where he forces himself upon her and rapes her. A young man then offers his arm and helps her through her ordeal.





Couple having a good time

Boyfriend Cheats on her


Girlfriend kills mistress

She meets another man who rapes her

The girl after she's got raped













Young man comes to rescue and comfort her

Enjoy good times together like playing hook a duck

















This is just a basic story which has come from a selection of random pictures. Its not the most professional but with the basic story and plot in line you can now expand on each picture further and create a detailed structure which helps alot towards creating a narrative.


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